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Loose Leaf Tea Preparation


Switching from tea bag to loose leaf teas can, at first, be intimidating.  Don't worry, it's easy.  We'll have you brewing the perfect cup of loose leaf tea in no time.  Begin by boiling water from a pure source.  The water quality certainly can affect taste so purified water is preferable to tap water!  We will include a guideline below for steeping times.  Remember, these are just guidelines, and in the end, listen to your palette.


8oz cup Quantity Temperature Time
Black Tea 1.5 tsp 190* 1-3min
Green Tea 1 tsp 175* 1-3min
White Loose Leaf Tea 2 tsp 180* 3min
Oolong Loose Leaf Tea 1.5 tsp 205* 3min
Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea 1.5 tsp 205* 5min

Loose leaf teas can be infused multiple times unlike their teabag cousins.  Oolong loose leaf teas can be infused up to seven times, black, loose leaf green tea and white loose leaf teas can be infused at least three times as well.  The richness of the brew will lighten after multiple infusions, watch for this and infuse to your preference. 

The easiest method to steep loose leaf tea, is to pour the boiling water upon the leaves contained within a glass, and to allow the leaves to sink to the bottom, and then to enjoy.  The loose leaves can remain in the bottom of the glass.  With some loose leaf green teas this method can lead to overbrewing and bitterness of flavor, beware.  Alternatively, a teapot traditional method works as well.



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